CmisSync vs. Alfresco Desktop Sync



Sync any Alfresco content

yes yes

Sync only the folders you need

yes no[1]


yes yes


yes yes

Configurable sync interval

yes yes

Usable with accents/Unicode on Mac

yes no[2]

Works on Windows

yes yes

Works on Linux

yes[3] no

Works on Mac

yes[3] yes

Sync with several Alfresco servers

yes no

Also compatible with Alfresco Cloud

no yes

Also compatible with SharePoint/Documentum/etc

yes no

Native program

yes no[4]

Frequent releases

yes no[5]

Command-line available

yes no
[1]: Alfresco Desktop Sync only allows selection of a single folder
[2]: Alfresco Desktop Sync breaks accents (for instance in German) and special characters (for instance katakana)
[3]: Beta
[4]: Alfresco Desktop Sync requires the user to install a Java Virtual Machine. Java is great server-side, but it is under-performing for desktop user interfaces.
[5]: CmisSync is updated every month on average. The last Alfresco Desktop Sync release was in 2016.
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