Dropbox-like sync for NemakiWare!

CmisSync allows you to keep in sync with your company's NemakiWare, and read/edit the documents even when offline:

Step 1

Install CmisSync.

Step 2

Run CmisSync.
After a few welcome screens, it will start running as an icon in the tray:

Right-click on the tray icon and select "Add a remote folder".

Step 3

A dialog appears. In the address field, copy-paste the URL of your NemakiWare server, it is the web address you use to access NemakiWare in your web browser:

Insert the https:// prefix if it did not get copied.
Then enter your NemakiWare username/password.

Step 4

The next screen shows the NemakiWare folders.
Choose the folder you want to sync.

That's all!
CmisSync will now sync NemakiWare to your desktop, whenever you have a network connection.

CmisSync does two-way sync, which means you can modify/add files.
Should a conflict occur, a backup is made and you can handle it by choosing which version to keep.