CmisSync vs. Alfresco Desktop Sync



Sync any Alfresco content

yes no[1]

Sync only the folders you need

yes no[2]


yes no[3]


yes no[3]

Configurable sync interval

yes no

Usable with accents/Unicode on Mac

yes no[4]

Works on Windows

yes yes

Works on Linux

yes no

Works on Mac

yes yes

Sync with several Alfresco servers

yes no

Also compatible with Alfresco Cloud

no yes

Also compatible with SharePoint/Documentum/etc

yes no

Native program

yes no[5]

Frequent releases

yes no[6]

Command-line available

yes no
[1]: Alfresco Desktop Sync can only synchronize Alfresco Share Sites
[2]: Alfresco Desktop Sync only allows selection of a single folder
[3]: CmisSync uses the modern CMIS protocol, which has a notion of "ChangeLog", allowing efficient retrieval of only what has changed. Alfresco Desktop Sync uses WebDAV, which does not have this ability, resulting in high network usage and high server load
[4]: Alfresco Desktop Sync breaks accents (for instance in German) and special characters (for instance katakana)
[5]: Alfresco Desktop Sync requires the user to install a Java Virtual Machine. Java is great server-side, but it is under-performing for desktop user interfaces.
[6]: CmisSync has a release every week on average. The last Alfresco Desktop Sync release was in June 2013.
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